The Kafyulu Community School is an innovation directly initiated by the people in one of the growing communities of the Ngabwe District.

I was privileged to have met this community and impressed as they put all their efforts together to build this school – without any support. This challenge arose from necessity. At the time, the nearest schools were too far away for children to trek to. This was further compounded during the rainy season; children would often miss a whole term due to the impossibility of transportation.

The school, which will eventually accommodate 200 pupils, is led by Mr. Benson Maliwa, a community teacher. He has volunteered to teach the children in primary school from grades 1 to 7. The Government of Zambia, upon hearing of the development, has also answered the call and provided one teacher to join Mr. Maliwa at the school.

The government, working directly with community leaders, is also looking into what else they can do to support this great initiative. This is not the only developing school in this district. Schools have been started due to a growing population. This area’s communities have become bigger and they have risen to their great challenge to put up structures and systems that can support the need.

Mr. Maliwa is doing a very commendable job, especially considering the fact that he is working with very little in the way of supplies. He is doing the best he can to make the most of the resources available to these children. This community’s initiative in taking action by building a school is something that should be hailed and appreciated. I am hopeful that this will encourage other communities – facing the same challenges – to take action, as well.

As exciting as this all is, there is still a need that must be met. These communities need more support for the children; there are not enough books for the little ones to use. One of the goals of The Namzy Foundation is to mobilize resources and establish educational opportunities for vulnerable children. We have identified the Kafyulu Community School as one of these places of need.

We are asking for your help. We would greatly appreciate donations to raise funds for the books, pencils, pens, and other supplies that these children need to succeed in their education. After all, everyone deserves a fair chance!

You can contact us via email at or call our WhatsApp line at +260977818320. Any other support you may be able to render is also very welcome.

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