Bantu Impressions, now a proud part of TRECM Enterprises, is thrilled about the new possibilities and opportunities that this merger brings. Our primary objective remains to connect local Zambian actors with filmmakers and talent seekers, providing a unique platform for showcasing their talents​​. As a singular casting database for Zambian actresses and actors, we offer an extensive range of profiles of actors and actresses from Lusaka and beyond, facilitating an easier and more efficient search for producers​​.

Under the umbrella of TRECM, Bantu Impressions is committed to helping you with casting and other, various aspects of TV production, offering comprehensive support to your projects​​.

Nellie “Namzy” Munamonga continues as our Director of Operations, bringing her passion and vision to the forefront. Besides her role with Bantu Impressions, Namzy is known for creating entertainment and lifestyle content for her Tele/Radio Show, ‘Namzy’s Diary’, covering diverse topics from education and empowerment to challenges faced by children with disabilities​​. Moreover, her dedication extends to the Namzy Foundation, aimed at aiding the education of female and impoverished children in Lusaka, thereby influencing positive legislative and policy changes​​.

We are eager to explore the growth and opportunities this merger will usher in, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude to our clients, actors, and directors who have been integral to our journey.

Thank you for your continued support and trust in Bantu Impressions.

-The Bantu Impressions Team

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