Theresa Ng’ambi

Alias/Performer Name: Theresa Ng’ambi

: 38
Gender: Female
Nationality: Zambian

Spoken Languages:
Chewa,Nsenga,Bemba and English
Occupation: Musician
Previous acting experience? Yes

Acting Credits

1 theater play at Lusaka play house

Special Skills

Percussive Player on natural instruments
Acoustic guitar
Can sing any language with with less practice
Model and storytelling through songs for both children and adults

Additional Information

Diploma in Music and English,
1 Award in music
1 Album
15 years experience in music live performance, music videos, artist collaborations and features both international and local artist.
Activist for climate change through songs
Brand Ambassador for Birdwatch Zambia
Designer, model, Acoustic guitar, percussion player and dancer
Worked with Art spaces, schools and orphanages
Kalulu kreatives, modzi arts, international school of Lusaka, circus Zambia to mention a few

Available any time after April 2022

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