The Namzy Foundation

Founded to facilitate and support young girls and poor children getting an education, women to get social-economic empowerment and people living with disabilities and youths to get opportunities. The Namzy Foundation is a nonprofit movement that aims to empower and uplift youth, women, and young children. The Namzy Foundation promotes girl’s rights and women’s rights, bringing up local heroes in Zambia.


The Namzy Foundation’s main goals are:

  1. To help female children and poor children get an education
  2. To help women achieve socio economic empowerment
  3. To help persons living with disabilities to receive and obtain the opportunity to achieve their full potential.
  4. To provide support to these people directly, through care centers, or through foster parents to help them gain access to healthcare and education.
  5. To create a movement that can catalyze and drive positive change; the target lies within facilitating change to legislation that will create a better environment for young girls as they age.

The Namzy Foundation is meant to be a beacon of restorative hope among women, vulnerable children, persons living with disabilities and their communities that have been affected by poverty, abuse, domestic and criminal violence, and disease. To achieve this goal, The Namzy Foundation provides training, empowerment, mentoring, and exposure to life-changing innovations. In addition, the foundation seeks to mobilize resources that help rehabilitate traumatized children through sports, music, dance, and drama.

Primary to the foundation’s main goals is the establishment of a scholarship fund to help children achieve the education that they deserve. The support that the Namzy Foundation has been able to provide is a direct result of donations from people like you. To learn more or to donate to the foundation, get in touch with us below.

VISION: A socie ty where women, young people, persons living with disabilities and communities are empowered to improve their own livelihood through appropriate, sustainable and affordable alternatives.

MISSION: To restore hope among women, vulnerable children and communities that have been affected by poverty, abuse, violence, disease, climate change and other natural calamities that also affect wildlife preservation.

MAIN OBJECTIVE: To provide a holistic transformation of women, young people, persons living with disabilities and disadvantaged communities to fight these vices and climate change by offering training, empowerment and exposure to life-changing innovations.

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