Nancy Nkonjela

Alias/Performer Name: Nancy

: 23
Gender: Female
Nationality: Zambian

Spoken Languages:
Occupation: Student
Previous acting experience? Yes

Acting Credits

High school theater (school play)

Special Skills

I have the ability to easily lose and gain weight
I’m good at improve. I’m able to freestyle a whole conversation or a dialogue without assistance
My accent seems to stand out every time I speak, I’ve been heavily told I have a ‘Disney’ accent and bubbly personality but I also have the ability to switch from having a bubbly personality to one that’s more reserved and nonchalant.

Personal Website / Social Media Profile Links

Additional Information

Fairly available

I’m a commercial model, was previously under Beleza modeling agency, I have worked with doremi hair for a commercial photoshoot for their brand. I’m currently not under any modeling agency.
I’m currently studying business administration in my second year at cavendish university and I previously studied bachelor of law for two years at Unilus before switching to bachelor of business administration.

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