“Namzy’s Diary is inspired by the courage to always move on. This show is designed to celebrate all of the following energy: you, what have you done for yourself with all the talent you were born with, and, most of all, what your talent can do for the community around you.”


Namzy’s Diary

About Namzy’s Diary

Namzy’s Diary is a concept conceived by host Namzy as a way to tell stories and raise awareness for a variety of social concepts – all in an entertaining way. This entertainment and lifestyle tele/radio show covers a variety of topics, all of which center around local Zambians and their lives.

Namzy’s Diary, just like The Namzy Foundation, seeks to address socioeconomic issues that local Zambians face- but not limited to Zambia. Furthermore, by bringing attention to and highlighting these issues, host Namzy hopes to make a difference in the lives of those featured and those who struggle with similar issues.

In this demo episode, Namzy’s Diary celebrates a story of a local hero Ivwananji Namukonda a single mother who is raising Tinashe a 7 years old boy living with Cerebral Palsy.

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