The Lusaka Play House on September 17th 2022 will once more light up Lusaka with laughter in a performance of old school style as one of our Zambian Comedy Greats takes his last bow in his theatre stage performing arts career.

I will quote a famous Zambian musician Levy Sakala of the Sakala Brothers music duo who once said to young performing artists, ‘if you are getting well paid for what you do then there was a pioneer before your time who did all the work for little or nothing’

Comedy in Zambia has grown to newer heights and has evolved from the likes of Danny Kanengoki and Chanda Mwale famously known as Sauzande and Maximo who with the ZANASE Ensemble graced Zambia with the famous TV Sketch Comedy Series Play Circle which became very popular not only in Zambia but in the Southern African region as well.

In the same generation, if you are a follower of radio drama and comedy in Zambia, then Dangerous Jo’Burg is a very familiar name. His biography is nothing more than a marvel when it comes to achievements filled with great story telling. They were the new generation pioneers who ushered in dependable commercial value in the art of comedy in Zambia.

Born Derreck Chalo Kondowe, Actor, Producer, Script Writer, Director, Promoter, started acting in 1978 in Ifyabukaya Bemba Radio Programme on Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) Radio trained in Germany. He went on to be founder of the Zambia 1 Comedy in 2003 (with first cast being Ozzias Kaundula Banda, Bob Chomba Nkosha, Pontiano Kaiche and Augustine Lungu). He Popularized Stand up comedy in Zambia and was also one of the Top 10 finalists in the Multi-Choice Stand-Up Zambia Competition.

He featured in many Theatre,TV and Radio productions with his roots going as deep as a product of Chawama Arts Society (CHAWATSO THEATER CLUB) Malaiti Theatre Club, UBZ Theatre Club, Twapenga Theatre Club, Kitwe Little Theatre, Chingola Arts Society, Mufulira Little Theatre and Lusaka Play House

“ After quitting a highly paying Job in 2004 I decided to take up Comedy as a career and I thank God the results were overwhelming, I sent my children to school and established my own marketing agencies through Comedy. Now Comedy has become a career to many and it is able to provide for their needs unlike in the past where no one could have survived on Comedy alone. It humbles me to have been one of the pioneers of such an art to success in Zambia” Derreck Kondowe.

If you are an old fan don’t miss the event that will mark the end of his great stage performing career The Last Dangerous Jo’Burg Standing. If you are a comedy fan in general, take this opportunity to watch live on stage one of the last kind of his breed. If you are an upcoming comedian you don’t want to miss this show because what you will learn will be very invaluable to your career aspirations.

I personally respect him not only as a friend but as one of the best storytellers I have ever had an honor to listen to. I do, however, feel there is a need for him to give back his talents to the newcomers (not only in comedy) for he is an archive of knowledge that can contribute a lot to our emerging television industry.

Once more, may The Last Dangerous Jo’Burg please Stand-Up

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