Kelvin Maxwell Ngoma

Alias/Performer Name: Maxwell

: 25
Gender: Male
Nationality: Zambian

Spoken Languages:
English, Chichewa (proficient) and Nyanja
Occupation: Actor & Presenter
Previous acting experience? Yes

Acting Credits

– The boy who harnessed the wind (NETFLIX, directed by Oscar nominee Chiwetel Ejiofor)
– Fatsani ( Showmax, Directed by Sukez)
– Highbrow ( Showmax, directed by U.S based Director Chazz)
– Moringa ( Netherlands, directed by Teddy cherim)
– Sabali (Maxwell Mwape)

Special Skills

– Fast Character adaptation
– Can play any role no matter how Challenging
– Change emotion on que
– fast with script breakdown
– Punctuality
– switch characters on que

Personal Website / Social Media Profile Links

Additional Information

Film acting training – International film class (IFAT)

Always available except when booked hence pre-book is necessary

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