Kelvin Marko

Alias/Performer Name: Marko

: 25
Gender: Male
Nationality: Zambian

Spoken Languages:
English, Bemba, Nyanja
Occupation: An Entrepreneur
Previous acting experience? Yes

Acting Credits

Acted on a short video script drama at church and previous work place to promote the business.

Special Skills

I can introspect someone’s mind, I find my self thinking so logic, fast learner and adaptive, good speaker, read to face challenges and overcome them, can act and bring the best out of me.

Personal Website / Social Media Profile Links

Additional Information

Any time, any day.

Have certificates in business administration and finance also certificate in ITC. I find my self to be a very strong and influential in group of people and very smart. I can make someone believe, like and enjoy me when it comes to drama. I want to be the best actor ever.

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