Hannah Chipokosa

Alias/Performer Name: Hannah Chipoh

: 17
Gender: Female
Nationality: Zambian

Spoken Languages:
Nyanja and English
Occupation: Not employed
Previous acting experience? No

Special Skills

 I can plait hair which is with extensions (wigs), am also practicing nail art (self taught) and I can also make thread doormats

Personal Website / Social Media Profile Links

Lone Hannah in facebook and instagram and Hannah Chipoh on tiktok

Additional Information

I completed my grade 12 last year at Lusaka Herman Gmeiner Secondary school commonly known as S. O. S which is along Great North Road and am glad I got acceptable results.

Am currently studying a short course which is TV and video production at zamcom and classes have been going on just great.

Available on the weekends

Name of Parent

Josephine Phiri

Ph.: +260971812131

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