What disruptive pattern is constant in your life? Is it work, home, family, marriage related? Are there mysteries that have left you questioning yourself or rather your life? In the search to find, rediscover or reorder yourself spiritually, which methods have you employed, and have they worked for you.

Coming from a Christian faith background and having personally experienced my own encounters that have left me kneeling and seeking God’s grace and mercy, I followed some Pentecostal churches and Pastors and it has been an intriguing journey with much to observe. Though I have grown up in an orthodox church, The Salvation Army, and still am.

In times when I have had challenges beyond me and been down on my knees seeking refuge in God, I have encountered men of God who have prophesied, prayed, those familiar know the drill, for some some it has led to broken families. To note one angle, this business of revealing who did what to you spiritually, your grandmother, grandfather, auntie, uncle, has broken homes and families. In my most recent encounters, listening to Dr. Nellie Kangwa preaching about mending broken family bonds was an interesting turn for me in understanding how to pray positively and the role forgiveness plays in fighting for what is spiritually ours.

It has been a privilege to worship with Liberty in Christ Ministries, which runs one of the programs called Liberty Boot Camp (open to any denomination) under one of their projects called Project Life Design. This led me to get interested in a new book written by Dr. Nellie Kangwa, focused on what is taught at her boot-camps titled The Courts of Heaven. I have attended one and it was spiritually life changing.

My curiosity was triggered because interesting to note that most people do spiritual warfare to fight spiritual battles in their lives and many Pastors lead their followers into different events from church services, seminars, overnight prayer meetings, fasting activities to fight for them to reclaim blessings that have been bestowed unto them by God. But what you will find different in this book is that Dr. Nelly Kangwa diverts her followers and enthusiasts to the fact that some matters need to be settled in the courts of heaven instead of the battlefield where most of us have been going.

To a degree it is very right what she writes, as we have forgotten our own roots and bloodlines as the book borders on honoring bloodlines as key. So we find most people fight battles unnecessarily when actually all they need is to present their cases in the courts of heaven. Who is the accuser of the bloodline and on what legal grounds are they operating on?

What makes her method make sense is that we spend so much time calling out by fire by fire, holy ghost fire, Satan die in the name of Jesus, when actually we do not have the spiritual muscle to contend with the principalities that fight us as they have legal ground to torment us because of covenants and even curses made before were born or by accusers. The remedy is, take the matter and present it unto God and bring the accuser of your bloodline to Him as God is the judge who presides on all matters that involve your life. So, in other words we spend more time doing nothing with our prayers and probably worsening situations in our lives.

Many of us go into prayer and asking for deliverance, breakthroughs in marriages, work, finances and the sort when actually it is more to do with when, where and what happened in your your family generations before we were born, or what we did unknowingly which opened certain spiritual portals and/or created alters in our lives.

What I found was that when we follow this methodology, we start noticing certain patterns in our lives or around people in our families that look like a pattern of monotony that has created a system which looks normal to us in our daily lives. How many people have jobs in your family, how many males are there and how influential are they in the family, how many women are married, if they are, are they living happily in their marriages, at what age do people die in your family and what kind of deaths etc.

When you investigate your family history it gives your prayer life better direction and it is also easier to present a case to God in the courts of heaven. On my part discovering this book helped because the investigations have revealed so much about what has been happening in my life and family.

When you want to correct certain things in your life, investigate, some of the things we want to fight we can not match the ranks of the agents appointed to work in their legal parameters according to laws of God in heavenly courts. What covenant was made over your bloodline, what curses were said unto your forefathers, what name do you carry, who are you in your family? Find the right Spiritual person to stand in your gap, someone strong enough to rank the strongmen who are fighting you, take your case into the courts if heaven and find the correct spiritual map and evidence you can use to get your acquittal.

There is a lot that can be written about this subject, especially concerning the father and the role he plays as the owner of the bloodline, are we so focused on man being the head of the house that he has forgotten his duties as the owner of the bloodline? Are we children honoring our fathers, Do we have our father’s blessings, are fathers blessing their children?

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