About Us

Bantu Impressions

Bantu Impressions, a TRECM Company, is a TV/Film media company and Talent/Crew agency. Our goal is to manage and facilitate media production connections amongst worldwide producers & talent, local producers, and local talent. To this end, we’ve created our Zambian actors & actresses directory, and provided a one-stop location for producers and acting talent to connect and discover eachother.

Vision & Mission

Connecting Producers With Talent

Here at Bantu Impressions, we want to see you – the actor or actress – matched with the role you were made for. Add your profile to our list of talent so that producers can search for you.

Producers who work with Bantu Impressions will be able to see and view the profiles of any actors or actresses who have entered their information into our database.

If you are what a producer is looking for, they will contact you for a job.



First, gather all of the information that you’ll need to submit. This may include photos, career background, or certificates.


Fill out the information requested; the more information you provide, the more likely your profile is to gain traction. Spend time on this step. If you need help, contact us.


Wait for your profile to be approved. Once posted and live, producers will be able to see all of the information you provided. Make sure to keep your profile up to date over time and hang tight for a job!

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