My name is Margaret Pasuwa. A 23 year old raised by a single parent, my mother. I completed my high school in 2018 at Libala High School.

I found a job after school but things were rocky and so I started using the skill I obtained from art in school and made different sorts of paintings. I had no clue who was going to buy but had big faith in what I was doing.

After my pursuit in art seemed sluggish, I had thought of raising capital for college but things still didn’t check out. Growing up proved to be difficult indeed. After a few months I was watching a show fever  on Zambezi magic and noticed the name Nellie Munamonga on the credits. I had always wanted to see what working in the industry was like an thought I’d give it a shot. I called my uncle cause he knew her better asked for her line ..if she could help me find a job. Nellie Munamonga promised to find a suitable job for me but it wasn’t  instant.

In 2020. She contacted me to inform me out a project she was on called Zuba. She got me a position as an intern in the art department. After my contract was completed at Zuba, Nelly found me another gig at centripetal Media as a prop master. Things started to go well from this point she was like a blessing in my life. She did not help me for on benefit entirely for my own she did not even ask for a penny from my salary she just wanted me to do well. She always encourage me at times where I wanted to give up.

We went our separate ways after working together on Makofi but due to my newly obtained credit I was called back to work with Elixur Media Zuba season 5. During this period I was called to work as a set dresser on the sky girls set by media365.

Currently I am working with Elixur Media on Zuba season 6 as a prop mistress. None of this would be possible without Nellie Munamonga having a hand in it and I would like to say thank you for everything you have done for me it’s so hard to find people like you. 💕

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